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Free, open-source and federated tools for cooperative networks.


A suite of free applications for managing your social and solidarity venue : Cash register, membership, ticketing, cashless, time currency, order taking and room management.

Network Builder

TiBillet connects organizers, audiences and institutions. A single tool for an entire industry and an entire territory : we interoperate more than our software.

Social and solidarity-based

TiBillet is a community interest company. Join the adventure of a collective and become part of the social and solidarity economy !

Low Tech

Use your own existing or DIY equipment! TiBillet is designed to be shared, long-lasting and easily maintainable 100% Open Hardware!

open source

Free & Open Source

Because we are building a tool that needs your trust, TiBillet's code is regularly audited, published under the free and open-source AGPLv3 license and available on github.

Event makers

TiBillet is made for and by cultural associations. Third places, FabLab, festivals, collectives, associations, join a network or create your own !