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Cash Register

A cash register that accepts cash, bank cards, membership cards, loyalty cards and cashless cards.



An NFC bracelet for your festival cashless. Refillable online or on site. A loyalty, subscription or association membership card on which you can load both euros and time currencies to promote your volunteering.


Membership management and promotion of volunteering

Online payment, automatic renewal, contribution management, time currency portfolio management. Common subscription to several places, federation of associations.


Federated ticketing

  • Paying concert with preferential rates for members.
  • Concert with non-nominative tickets
  • Event with free and nominative registration
  • Non-nominative restaurant table reservation but requiring prior validation.
  • A free event but with mandatory cashless recharging.
  • Rental and reservation by the hour of a coworking type room


Federated agenda

A federated calendar with several venues to promote your events within a network.

Order management

Order taking for refreshment bar and catering room. Ticket printing in the kitchen and bar. Order taken by the customer.


Management of local currencies / time / free

Multi-asset blockchain, cashless card management for several sites and/or locations


Dematerialized payment system

Payment using QR Code. Token exchange between private wallets.

But also :

The combination of all these tools makes it possible to create innovative uses and new forms of cooperation :

  • Loyalty card for local businesses in local currency
  • Sharing of time currency between individuals
  • Exchange rate management between euros and local currency
  • Co-working federation and shared subscription card – Local currency transfer from user account to user account
  • Cultural pass card for youth
  • Access card limited to x passages (cinema, gym, theater, etc.)
  • Time stamper to open some places (fablab', meeting room, rehearsal studio, etc.)
  • Food bank payment card for marked items with special prices
  • Reduced rates if payment in local currency,
  • etc etc ....

And we are sure that you have great ideas to present to us that we haven't thought of, come and chat with us!